Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Moving right along...

Sorry for the delay in posting my next video, but we have been working on a new one that takes a little more work to complete.  Please check back over the next couple of weeks, because we will have a video posted soon...

In the meantime, check out a few updates on the right side of the page and here's a video of me about 15 years ago.  My friend, Denise, is actually singing the song.  I like looking at this video to inspire me to be thin again.  Believe it or not...I actually thought I was fat.  

I've been moving right along, although I haven't lost any significant weight in the last few weeks, due to a busy schedule and being sick, which has led me to a few fast food places.  The good news is...I haven't gained weight, so it's not too bad.  In the last week, I've been bringing my lunch to work and cooking healthy homemade meals every night, so I'm getting back on track. 

I've read and been told by many to join a class or team, so you feel obligated to go to the scheduled class and hopefully enjoy the class or team you've joined.  So I listened and joined a Zumba class (a form of Latin dance) at the local Community Center.  I'm really looking forward to the class beginning in about 2 weeks.  

I also received my first subscription of CleanEatingMag
and love it!!  I highly recommend taking a look at the website to get an idea of what it's all about.

My friend asked me to join a 6.25 mile walk starting in Vasona Park (right next door to where I live) for March for Babies on April 26th.  March for Babies is a non-profit organization, which helps new born babies live a healthy life.  

See this video for more details:

Also, check out this website and my sponsor widget on the right hand side of this page to donate to this wonderful cause:

Cheri's March for Babies website

Here are a few other websites, which I found helpful and thought you may too:

Keep coming back...it works ;)